The OTSE team is made up of experienced and qualified professionals in several areas, who work as Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Angel Investors, Mentors, Startup Advisors, legal and financial market specialists. Each of them brings with them a wide range of valuable skills and knowledge, which are fundamental to the success of the startups that OTSE supports.

In short, the OTSE team is made up of highly qualified professionals, experienced and passionate about the success of the startups they support. With their knowledge, skills and experience, they help startups overcome challenges, grow and become leaders in their respective fields. It is truly a privilege to be part of such a dedicated and talented team.

Our team

Paulo Faria CEO

Serial entrepreneur, specialist in entrepreneurship and innovation, Mentor Distrito and InovAtiva, Advisor to Startups

Marco De Biasi

Director of the Founder Institute graduated in Economics and Administration, Angel Investor and Startup Advisor

Thallys Oliveira CSO

Entrepreneur specialist in people management and process development and customer relationship.

Matteo Santini

Angel Investor Specialist in Financial Operations and Investments


Manuel Marinho

Advisor Specialist in Compliance and Investments

Luiz Gustavo Nugnes

Advisor Specialist in IT, Financial Operations and Investments

Eduardo Freire

Advisor Specialist in IT Innovation, Socio-environmental Innovation and Investments

Fabricio L. Figueiredo

Advisor Specialist in Innovation and Investments

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Important notice, read carefully. Small-sized business entities and the offerings presented on this platform are automatically exempt from registration by the Brazilian Regulator - CVM. The CVM does not conduct prior analysis of the offerings. The offerings made do not imply any guarantee by the CVM regarding the accuracy of the provided information, compliance with current legislation, or judgment on the quality of the small-sized business entity. Before accepting an offer, carefully read the essential offering information, especially the risk alert section and the investor educational material.