The OTSE Hub was developed to support startups, collaborating with their development and access to investment at all stages.

Digital Hub to support and encourage entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs have access to Mentorships, Lectures, Workshops, Access to Excellent Service Providers and Benefits with our partners.

We promote the main Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Events, facilitating Networking between Startups and Investors.

OTSE is a social network created with the aim of supporting the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, promoting networking between startups, investors and corporations. The platform seeks to connect entrepreneurs and innovators from different areas to share knowledge, ideas and business opportunities.

OTSE's social network offers several resources to help entrepreneurs and startups grow, such as mentorships, online courses, networking events, access to investors and much more. In addition, the platform also promotes interaction between companies, fostering strategic partnerships and collaborations to drive market development.

With OTSE, entrepreneurs and startups have access to a wide and diverse network of people and companies, being able to expand their businesses, attract investments and keep up to date on market trends. For investors and corporations, the platform offers the opportunity to discover and connect with new talent and innovative ideas that can add value to their business.

In short, OTSE is a social network that aims to strengthen the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, promoting networking between startups, investors and corporations to drive market development and create business opportunities.

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Important notice, read carefully. Small-sized business entities and the offerings presented on this platform are automatically exempt from registration by the Brazilian Regulator - CVM. The CVM does not conduct prior analysis of the offerings. The offerings made do not imply any guarantee by the CVM regarding the accuracy of the provided information, compliance with current legislation, or judgment on the quality of the small-sized business entity. Before accepting an offer, carefully read the essential offering information, especially the risk alert section and the investor educational material.