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Flexibility: Tokenized shares can be traded at any time, with no restrictions on time or location, which increases flexibility for investors and issuers.

Diversification of your investment portfolio, including digital assets and innovative startups.

Using blockchain technology, transactions are recorded securely and transparently, providing investors with confidence and transparency in stock trading.

In addition to offering advanced portfolio management features, investment selection and monitoring, compliance, and information validation, the OTSE platform also provides a unique solution for investors seeking liquidity in their startup investments.

Through the platform, investors can trade their positions in investment contracts with other investors, providing a viable alternative to waiting for an IPO or acquisition exit to realize a return on their investment.

The OTSE platform allows investors to bid on investment contracts and then directly trade with other investors interested in purchasing those stakes. This way, investors can access an additional source of liquidity, enabling the realization of their investments within shorter timeframes, while also providing a means to diversify their investment portfolios.

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Important notice, read carefully. Small-sized business entities and the offerings presented on this platform are automatically exempt from registration by the Brazilian Regulator - CVM. The CVM does not conduct prior analysis of the offerings. The offerings made do not imply any guarantee by the CVM regarding the accuracy of the provided information, compliance with current legislation, or judgment on the quality of the small-sized business entity. Before accepting an offer, carefully read the essential offering information, especially the risk alert section and the investor educational material.