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Welcome to OTSE, the startup investment platform that connects investors to investment opportunities in innovative and growing companies. OTSE is a platform that aims to democratize access to investment in startups, offering a variety of investment opportunities for investors of all sizes and profiles. In just a few steps you can carry out or manage your investments.

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A team of qualified and complementary professionals in different areas, made up of Investors, CEOs, Mentors, Entrepreneurs, professionals in the area of Technology, Legal and Financial Market specialists, bringing all the Know-How to offer the best solution for investments in startups.

a group of people sitting around a table with a laptop
a group of people sitting around a table with a laptop

Technology and innovation

The startup equity investment platform has been developed using cutting-edge technology. The platform is built on top of Bubble's Low Code and Now Code technology, which utilizes a visual programming language. With over 30,000 developers worldwide, Bubble offers a no-code development platform that enables quick and easy app creation without the need for programming knowledge. Furthermore, OTSE employs blockchain to ensure information symmetry, transparency, and security of operations conducted on the platform. This technology allows all transactions to be recorded on a decentralized and immutable ledger, ensuring data integrity.

Security and Transparency

Our specialized team employs a unique and thorough due diligence and compliance protocol to ensure that you are investing in solid and promising businesses that are in line with applicable laws and regulations.

The due diligence protocol is meticulous and covers all aspects of the business, ranging from financial analysis to evaluating the business model and management team. We also scrutinize the company's legal and tax documentation, checking every detail to ensure that there are no issues that could affect the investment.

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A blockchain-powered investment and trading platform for startup equity shares, designed to make the process more transparent and secure, ensuring information symmetry and immutability of data.

Exclusive compliance protocol for admissibility on the platform, ensuring more security for those seeking or wishing to invest.

We give the possibility of Liquidity to those who are already invested in startups. Investors who are already invested or who have invested in crowdfunding platforms can trade their contracts seamlessly 24/7.

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Business and Sustainability

Our commitment is to foster and develop an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship, with the aim of being leaders in economic and financial development, while also contributing to the reduction of inequalities and the generation of meaningful employment. We support businesses that genuinely impact people's lives and the environment, implementing a governance policy guided by knowledge, transparency, integrity, and ethics. To achieve this, we follow the best ESG practices, with the goal of promoting the sustainable and organized development of the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem. Our governance policy is driven by knowledge, transparency, integrity, and ethics, aligned with the commitment to promote the development of the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, and to collaborate on economic development and inequality reduction, guided by the best ESG practices.


We work with the best to bring the best to anyone who invests or wants to invest in startups


Startup accelerated in the main acceleration programs in the world and Latin America

The Founder Institute is an American business incubator, entrepreneur training and startup launch program that was founded in Palo Alto, California in 2009. Although headquartered in Silicon Valley, Founder Institute maintains branches in over 180 cities and more from 65 countries.

The InovAtiva Brasil was created in 2013 as a public management tool that performs acceleration, connection, visibility and mentoring for startups throughout the national territory, free of charge, aiming to strengthen and foster the innovation ecosystem in Brazil, being the main program of the Latin America.

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Important notice, read carefully. Small-sized business entities and the offerings presented on this platform are automatically exempt from registration by the Brazilian Regulator - CVM. The CVM does not conduct prior analysis of the offerings. The offerings made do not imply any guarantee by the CVM regarding the accuracy of the provided information, compliance with current legislation, or judgment on the quality of the small-sized business entity. Before accepting an offer, carefully read the essential offering information, especially the risk alert section and the investor educational material.