Investment Platform and Participation in Startups

OTSE is an online platform aimed at democratizing access to startup investment, offering a variety of investment opportunities for investors of all sizes and profiles.

Here at OTSE, we believe that innovation is crucial for economic and social progress, and that startups are one of the key driving forces behind innovation. However, traditional startup investment has been limited to wealthy and experienced investors, leaving many people out of this exciting opportunity.

With OTSE, anyone can invest in promising startups and have a stake in the success of a growing company. Our platform enables investors to find investment opportunities in companies from various sectors and stages of development, providing a straightforward and transparent investment experience.

Tokenization of Shares and Participation in Startups

The tokenization of startup shares allows investors from around the world to invest in innovative companies quickly and easily, without having to deal with the bureaucratic and complex processes often associated with traditional investments.

OTSE makes the trading of tokenized shares even more accessible, streamlining the processes and making them more efficient. Additionally, the platform employs advanced blockchain technology to ensure the security of traded assets and safeguard investors' interests.

Mission, Vision e Values.

OTSE's mission is to contribute to economic and financial development, generating a positive impact by encouraging entrepreneurship, collaborating with the reduction of inequalities and the generation of decent work.

Our vision is to provide accessible and inclusive financial services to foster the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, reduce inequalities, create opportunities and encourage sustainable growth.

Our Values: OTSE is a startup investment platform that stands out for its seriousness, transparency, ethics and professionalism. In addition, OTSE maintains an ethical commitment, supporting investments in projects that have a positive social and environmental impact.

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Important notice, read carefully. Small-sized business entities and the offerings presented on this platform are automatically exempt from registration by the Brazilian Regulator - CVM. The CVM does not conduct prior analysis of the offerings. The offerings made do not imply any guarantee by the CVM regarding the accuracy of the provided information, compliance with current legislation, or judgment on the quality of the small-sized business entity. Before accepting an offer, carefully read the essential offering information, especially the risk alert section and the investor educational material.